About the Conference

About the conference

IHLIA, Europe’s oldest and largest LGBTI archive and library, hosted the fourth Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections (ALMS) conference from 1-3 August 2012 in Amsterdam. During the conference we explored current developments in collecting, documenting and making available our histories. Bringing together civil society and heritage organisations from around the world, we took the first steps in implementing our vision: that by 2020, the heritage of LGBTI individuals and the LGBTI community will be collected and recognised globally.

What it involved?

- Three days of discussion in the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam public library
- Stimulating keynotes, from speakers such as Dr. Saskia Wieringa (UvA) and Dr. Richard Parkinson (British Museum)
- Organisations and participants from around the world, including South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Turkey and Poland. 
- More than 40 papers covering a diverse range of topics
- Evening social activities, culminating in Amsterdam gay pride

What is discussed?

The conference brought together papers, people and ideas to address themes such as:
- How to collect and archive LGBTI histories 
- How to promote visibility and accessibility of LGBTI histories
- How to queer and co-operate with mainstream organisations
- How to work together to implement our vision for the future

Who presented?

- Papers were presented by heritage workers, academics, professionals and volunteers
Check the programme by clicking on this link: 
- You can read a number of the conference papers, from queering the national museum of 
Poland to LGBTI heritage at the National Archives of the United Kingdom at this blog

More information

- For more information please send us an email: lgbti.alms.2012@gmail.com
- Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LGBTIALMS2012 and like us on Twitter @LGBTALMS2012

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